Total Integration

About Total Integration™

Strategic Summary
The Total Integration™ Executive Program empowers today’s small business owners to take control of their businesses now. With a specific focus on strategy, Total Integration™ uses over 50 world-class strategic business systems that, once properly installed, turn the most common challenges of the marketplace into sustainable strategic advantage. From non-profit to government, entrepreneurs to small business, Total Integration has produced the transformation required to succeed in the new economy.

Our approach to consulting is powerful, simple, and effective for one main reason: Strategic Leverage. Strategic Leverage gives back to the leader time, focus, peace and profitability. Every system in the Total Integration™ Executive Program has been painstakingly created to produce maximum leverage through company-wide integration and a foundation on timeless principles.

About Us
While our systems are truly powerful, by themselves they are not enough. In the hands of a Certified Total Integration™ Consultant who has mastered the skill of identifying Strategic Leverage, these systems empower business owners to break out of old patterns and solve the challenges that have held them back from sustainable success. Total Integration is delivered by over a dozen select consulting firms around the country. By the end of 2007 there will be over 70 licensed firms.