David G. Johnson, CEO of Epiphany Consulting, LLC  

David G. Johnson
Founder, Epiphany Marketing, LLC, parent company of Epiphany Consulting


Office: 866.563.7317
Web: www.epiphanymarketing.com
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Epiphany Consulting, LLC is a strategic consulting firm based in Sarasota, Florida that is focused on creating conditions within businesses and organizations that produce high performance. 

Epiphany was founded in 1998 by David G. Johnson as a marketing consultancy.  In the process of working with clients a variety of organizations, from non-profits and government agencies to businesses in technology, retail, communications, investment banking, healthcare, real estate and financial services (to name a few) David discovered that a consistent challenge to effective marketing frequently stemmed from a lack of identity.  Helping clients develop clarity and focus became a part of the Epiphany approach to producing results.

The journey through helping corporations reach new levels of performance brought about the addition of a suite of consulting services including Workflow Analysis, Business Process Re-Engineering, Systems Design, Technology Implementation, and Corporate Training.

In 2004, David encountered the Total Integration™ Executive Program and saw the power of this amazing toolkit to bring about transformation within the working lives of CEOs and business owners, as well as the organizations they lead.  After a brief period focused on delivering this program, Epiphany returned to its
core focus on helping businesses attract and communicate with prospects, clients & customers.

Today, David is a sought-after speaker and trainer, providing services to top-notch small businesses as well as household names such as Ziglar, Inc.

David resides with his lovely wife and daughter in Sarasota, Florida.  He is an avid reader and enjoys motorcycling, technology, and the outdoors. 

The official blog of Epiphany Consulting is located at http://EpiphanyDigest.com.