Jeff Timpanaro, Founder of Oberata Consulting  

Jeff Timpanaro
Founder, Oberata Consulting


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Oberata Consulting, based in Houston, is founded on the principles of strategy - process - transformation. Freeing business owners and professionals from the drudgery of perpetual time debt allows for unprecedented growth and profitability. Oberata strategically delivers the power and transformation of the Total Integration™ Program with unmatched effectiveness.

At the helm of Oberata Consulting is the founder Jeffrey E. Timpanaro. Mr. Timpanaro’s passion for training, problem solving, and empowering others to do their best work permeates each client strategy session. With over eleven years of experience in executive sales, negotiating, and account management, Mr. Timpanaro is uniquely qualified to take others through the Total Integration™ Program. He has worked in several fields, including business consulting, foodservice sales, and sales instruction. Mr. Timpanaro has also had multiple articles published on topics such as team-building, time management, and leadership strategy. Mr. Timpanaro graduated in 1991 from Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, CA, with a B.A. in Communication and a minor in Spanish.

Mr. Timpanaro speaks fluent Spanish, and enjoys tennis, racquetball, golf, and cribbage. Mr. Timpanaro is married and is the father of three beautiful children. They reside in Houston.

‘Ober Oberata’ is Latin for ‘It is done in the doing’, which personifies Oberata’s collaborative, integrated approach to working with clients. Oberata Consulting has dealt successfully with clients in the Fortune 100, spanning a variety of industries including foodservice, recruiting, finance, sales, non-profit, and more.

“While I’m a fairly well-organized executive, the Total Integration package that Jeff put together for me really challenged me to focus beyond the big picture to planning my calendar and organizing my schedule. Instead of planning each day at the beginning of the morning, I’ve put together recurring schedules that save me significant time and effort in accounting for my day. Having Jeff as an executive coach also empowered me to focus on the important strategic issues for my business and execute the revenue generating ideas that were dormant. I have no doubt that Jeff’s assistance has helped hone my focus on the important strategic vision and, in turn, will help me generate more money while freeing up my valuable time.”

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