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Revolutionary Time Management Training Event Puts A Stop To Chaos

WORK GETS EASIER For Overburdened Business Owners And Executives

KINGWOOD, Texas, March 8, 2007 – With all the demands of modern-day business, leaders increasingly face the challenge of having too much to do, and not enough time to get it all done. Add in personal pressures, such as juggling time for family and other relationships, and you have a recipe for disaster.

“The overwhelming feeling that you are always getting further and further behind is not unlike dealing with financial debt,” said Jeff Timpanaro, CEO of Oberata Consulting. “You feel like you’re always making ‘payments’ but never getting ahead, no matter how hard you work.”

The key, according to Timpanaro, is to apply strategy to the way you’re working, and this is the principal focus of his firm’s March 20th training event for business owners and organizational leaders. The session, entitled “Eliminating Time Debt,” is an interactive experience designed to help executives rework their approach to schedules and have the leverage to say “no” to the tasks and projects that are of marginal value.

“Many business leaders are ‘can-do’ people, which is how they got where they are,” said Timpanaro. “Unfortunately, the down side of this positive approach is that they find themselves trying to do more than their schedules will accommodate. We have real solutions for them.”

Timpanaro will be joined by David G. Johnson, CEO of Sarasota, Florida-based Epiphany Consulting, LLC. for the “Eliminating Time Debt” event, which will detail strategies that are part of a program known as Total Integration™. Both Timpanaro & Johnson are Certified Total Integration™ Consultants, a designation belonging to just a handful of consultants in the U.S.

The event is organized by Oberata Consulting, a strategic consulting firm serving Houston’s small & mid-sized business community, and will offer a low-cost “sneak peek” at some of the solutions the firm is making available to local business leaders.

“When we take people through the ‘Eliminating Time Debt’ process, they come out on the other side freed from the tyranny of their ‘to-do’ lists, and empowered to work with significantly higher effectiveness,” Timpanaro said. “We’ve had business owners tell us they feel like they are able to enjoy their work again, sometimes for the first time in years.”

“Eliminating Time Debt” is being held Tuesday, March 20th, at 7:00PM at the Homewood Suites Kingwood, 23320 Hwy 59 North in Kingwood. A registration fee applies. Online registration is available at


Jeff Timpanaro and Oberata Consulting are based in Kingwood, TX. Oberata is a consulting firm founded on the principles of strategy, process, and transformation, and utilizes the Total Integration™ system of business consulting. This system has helped business owners and professionals in the Fortune 100 with definitive, measurable operating strategies that produce unprecedented growth and profitability. For more information about Oberata Consulting call 281.570.4676.


David G. Johnson is the CEO of Epiphany Consulting, LLC, based in Sarasota, FL, and has been delivering results to organizations of all sizes, from small 'Mom & Pops' to global conglomerates since 1998. His clients include organizations in the non-profit, communications, real estate, healthcare, financial services and technology sectors. David is a certified Total Integration™ consultant.  Epiphany Consulting can be reached at 941.870.5346.